How to be happy !

1.-The Attitude

Happiness is a choice that can be done anytime and anywhere. My thoughts are what make me happy or unhappy, not my circumstances. Be able to change yourself, and the world will change with you.
Remember that the only thing you can control in the world are your thoughts …

2.-The Body

My feelings are influenced by my position. Proper posture creates a happy disposition.
It is also important that you exercise, it releases us from stress and generates the secretion of endorphins, which make us feel good. Always look up and you can only laugh, because I do not know anyone who has been able to mourn in that position.

3.-The Moment

Happiness is not in the years, months, weeks, even days. Only you can find it in seconds. “Today is yesterday’s tomorrow” … plus life always has the right to be surprised, so learn to live in the present without any of the traumas of the past or future expectations. Remember that Happiness is not a destination but a journey. Enjoy every moment as if it were your last combined,
your present and your future.

4. Our Own Image

I must learn to love myself as I am. Believing in yourself pays off. The more you know, the greater your advantage over others.
Hammarshold said: “The most difficult path is the path within” … but at least once in life, we must travel.


You know what the difference between a dream and a goal?
A goal is a dream with a specific date to become reality. A dream is just a dream, something that is out of touch … so dare to dream,
but also dare to make those dreams come true !. “Aim for the moon because even if you’re wrong, get to the stars …” And when you put a difficult goal or think you have an impossible dream, remember that success is just reward, for what is worth the effort .

6.- Humor

The smile is very important to improve self-esteem. When we smile, but do not feel anything, our brain sees it as a sign that all is well and sends a message to the central nervous system to release a substance called beta-endorphin, which gives the mind a positive response. They say a smile costs less than electricity but gives more light. Plus, with every smile sow hope.

7.- Forgiveness

While you have resentment and hatred, it is impossible to be happy. The wonderful thing about forgiveness is not releasing any other of his guilt, but you free yourself from suffering.

8.- Give

One of the real secrets to be happy is to learn to give without expecting anything in return. The laws of energy return you more than what you give. If you give hate, you get hate, but if you give love, receive love invariably.
Just give the learner is on the way to discover true happiness.

9.- Relations

Synergy is to join forces and walk together to get things done. Whenever two or more people come together in a spirit of cooperation and respect, synergy occurs naturally. Understand the people around you, your friends want as they are,
without trying to change them, because when you feel bad, true friend will be there to support you and give you all her love. So cultivate your friendships, they are free we !. Friendship, like most feelings must flow naturally.

10. Faith

Faith builds confidence, gives us peace of mind and frees the soul from his doubts, worries, anxiety and fear.
But do not panic when in doubt, well said Miguel de Unamuno. Fe which no doubt is dead faith “They say that man becomes wise when he learns to laugh if
same. Laughs, laughs merrily … and the world laughs with you.






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